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Application scenario of
photovoltaic green hydrogen scheme
Relying on the world's leading green energy solutions, we will achieve a high degree of organic integration of "green electricity+green hydrogen", explore ways to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of green hydrogen energy, and help build a "zero carbon green energy world".
High energy consumption decarburization scheme
As a green and clean energy, photovoltaic can coordinate power generation with the self owned power plants of high energy consuming enterprises to meet the demand for consumption. Photovoltaic power generation can also produce green hydrogen, replace carbon with hydrogen as the reducing agent, achieve decarburization in a variety of process flows, and help high energy consuming enterprises achieve the goal of dual carbon.
Oil Industry Solutions
We will help oil enterprises achieve green transformation and enhance the triple values of environmental protection, society and brand in the industry. Environmental protection value: reduce energy consumption and improve people's livelihood; Social value: improve regional environment and improve public service level; Brand value: reduce long-term operating costs and improve brand equity value.
Green Industry Scheme
The new industrial system, with clean energy as the main energy system, promotes the overall green and environmental protection of the earth.
Programme value
Solve the problem that industrial and mining enterprises have low green electricity consumption level, high carbon emission pressure and difficult to achieve dual control indicators.
Improve ecological environment
Energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the environment, and generate good social benefits
Develop green industry
Help high energy consuming enterprises develop green industry
Achieve double carbon goals
Helping high energy consuming enterprises achieve the dual carbon goals
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