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Project Case
1. The photovoltaic grid connection system is firmly installed on the specially constructed support
2. The PV module is connected to the guide rail through aluminum alloy pressing block/stainless steel bolt Get stable support
3. The photovoltaic grid connected inverter is fixed on the open wall of the owner's room to ensure ventilation, water resistance and dust prevention
4. The module is connected to the grid connected inverter by PV1-F photovoltaic cable It is output to the special photovoltaic grid connected power distribution system through YJV copper power cable
5. PV power distribution system passes; Energy generation meter; Accounting subsidy income, which is provided free of charge by the State Grid; Two way meter; Connect to the power grid to obtain electricity sales revenue
6. We will set lightning protection grounding device for your roof power station, which is led to the grounding pile from the top floor to ensure safety protection
Construction period
The system installation and commissioning period is expected to be 93-115 days. With complete data, the period is expected to be about one month from the submission of grid connection application for the project to the site survey of the State Grid, the issuance of access plan through the grid, to the final grid connection acceptance< br /> Formalities
The Owner shall submit project materials, and the staff of Bowei Energy shall be responsible for project registration, grid connection, etc., that is, turnkey project
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