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The household power station system is a new power generation mode which is built on the family residence or nearby buildings and uses photovoltaic modules and systems to directly convert solar energy into electric energy. The household power station is composed of photovoltaic modules, inverters, meter boxes, monitoring modules, cables and supports. The modules convert solar energy into electrical energy, and the grid connected inverter converts DC power into AC power. The meter box measures the electrical energy in the power generation system. The monitoring system facilitates the owner to pay attention to the power generation of the power station system at any time. Chint uses idle user roof resources to provide users with a one-stop service of system survey, design, installation, grid connection and
operation and maintenance. Relying on the power industry chain advantages of the Group, integrate the superior resources of Chint's industrial companies to provide users with efficient, stable and high-quality photovoltaic system solutions. At the same time, a standardized and intelligent after-sales operation and maintenance system will be established to ensure user benefits and bring more green power to the whole society. Up to now, Chint has installed more than 500000 distributed user systems nationwide. Its business mainly covers Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui and other regions, and its installation volume ranks first in the country.
System Features
1. System advantages: high-quality whole industry chain and one-stop general contracting service integrating design, production, construction and operation and maintenance. Standardized design and customized production are adopted to achieve seamless integration of all components and ensure the stability and efficiency of the power generation system
2. Intelligent operation and maintenance: adopt a unified monitoring and management system, conduct all-weather big data and manual detection, automatically find problems, and respond to the startup maintenance plan at any time. 7 * 24-hour hotline and 24-hour on-site response operation and maintenance service are implemented throughout the process
3. Quality assurance: Comply with the highest safety standards and durability. The complete system implements a 5-year super long warranty that is higher than the ordinary warranty period, and the module has a 25 year linear power output guarantee to ensure the user's power generation revenue
4. Personalized choice: various system schemes such as flat to slope and sunlight room can meet different user needs, and system customization services can also be provided
5. Simple and convenient: the installation capacity is small, the grid connection process is simple, and real-time data such as power generation capacity and total revenue of power generation can be checked by mobile phones, so that information can be mastered
6. Roof protection: the thermal insulation performance and service life of the roof are additionally increased, and the appearance of the roof is more beautiful and generous.
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