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Large and medium-sized ground photovoltaic power stations are generally large in scale. They usually use coastal beaches, Gobi wasteland, open suburban areas without sun shading and other ground resources. In the west, there are more sand light complementary ground power stations, combining the development of photovoltaic with desert control and water-saving agriculture. The protective forest system is composed of grass checkered sand barriers and sand fixation forests around the power station. Water saving drip irrigation facilities are installed under the photovoltaic panels, and green cash crops are planted to achieve win-win economic and ecological benefits.
System Features
1. The power generation system is generally above the megawatt level and is connected to the public grid to share the power supply task
2. Modular design and modular equipment matching greatly improve the system reliability and maintenance convenience
3. Relying on the big data cloud service platform, all-round remote monitoring and management by specially assigned personnel ensure the reliable operation of the system
4. Rely on the complete electrical industry chain of the Group to provide one-stop solutions.
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