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ZheJiang Bowei Energy Technology Co.,Ltd an emerging business in China’s solar photovoltaic industry, specializes in the production of solar cell modules and auxiliary products and engages in the development, manufacturing and sale of crystalline silicon solar cells, modules, and photovoltaic system. Our main products include monocrystalline and polycrystalline products which have obtained many international certifications, such as the TÜV, CE, and UL. Up to now, our products have come into wide use in large power stations, commercial buildings, government projects, residential houses, and small commercial markets.

    In the early stage when our Solar Project Department has been established, we were faced with many problems concerning talents, technology and equipment. For each obstacle and each hard decision, Bowei relies on corporate cohesion and great courage to invite experts in the solar photovoltaic industry in China, who have brought about a team of highly capable PV professionals and advanced PV solar energy technologies in China. All these quickly allows Bowei to have seen a broad prospect. Presently Bowei not only supplies products to domestic markets, but also has exported products to Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Canada, the US and other countries and regions.

Staff structure: Now Bowei has 200 professionals of different fields, including 15 senior electrical engineers, 5 civil construction engineers, three senior electricians and 130 personnel for installation for power stations.

Business volume: In 2013, our annual sales volume of photovoltaic modules exceeded 160 million Yuan, showing a year-on-year increase of 94%. From 2014 till now, the 103MW power station project was completed.

Branches: The PV Power Station Project Department established in 2013 helps provide our customers with one-stop solutions on excellent distributed photovoltaic power generation system for industrial, commercial, and home use (building integrated PV, PV surface power station, and distributed PV power station).

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