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ZheJiang Bowei Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a new force in the domestic solar photovoltaic industry, specializing in the production of solar cell modules and supporting products. The company is committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of crystalline silicon solar cells, modules and photovoltaic systems. We mainly produce single crystal and polycrystalline products, and our products have obtained Tü 5. CE, UL and other international certifications are now widely used in large power plants, commercial buildings, government projects, civil residential and small commercial markets.
In the early stage when our Solar Project Department has been established, we were faced with many problems concerning talents, technology and equipment. For each obstacle and each hard decision, Bowei relies on corporate cohesion and great courage to invite experts in the solar photovoltaic industry in China, who have brought about a team of highly capable PV professionals and advanced PV solar energy technologies in China. All these quickly allows Bowei to have seen a broad prospect. Presently Bowei not only supplies products to domestic markets, but also has exported products to Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Canada, the US and other countries and regions.

Staff structure: Now Bowei has 200 professionals of different fields, including 15 senior electrical engineers, 5 civil construction engineers, three senior electricians and 130 personnel for installation for power stations.
Business volume: In 2013, our annual sales volume of photovoltaic modules exceeded 160 million Yuan, showing a year-on-year increase of 94%. From 2014 till now, the 103MW power station project was completed.
Branches: The PV Power Station Project Department established in 2013 helps provide our customers with one-stop solutions on excellent distributed photovoltaic power generation system for industrial, commercial, and home use (building integrated PV, PV surface power station, and distributed PV power station).

corporate culture

Corporate Culture
People oriented: respect, trust, understand, care, encourage and reasonably arrange the common growth of enterprises and employees
Brave in innovation: innovative mechanism, innovative service, innovative quality, innovative culture
Precise refinement: refinement is a pursuit, a state, and the pursuit of the ultimate perfect state. Only by constantly surpassing can we never be satisfied

Business Philosophy
Quality: All the electrical components used in the power stations under the company have been tested and certified by the National Xingfu Testing Center, and the enterprise has introduced advanced domestic management programs, and implemented strict management procedures from production, pre-sales, sales and after-sales< br /> Service service: Bowei Company has experience in marketing, design, construction and operation of tens of megawatts at home and abroad. It has a complete one-stop service concept. It tailors power generation system solutions to different customer needs. It uses domestic high-quality electrical equipment to ensure that users' power generation systems are safe, efficient and long-lived, creating a perfect service experience for users< br /> Value: As a professional operator of photovoltaic power generation system, he has years of experience in power station design, construction, operation and maintenance above megawatt level, which ensures safe and trouble free operation of the power station and guarantees stable income of the power station

Service Concept
Service spirit: we are committed to the satisfaction and success of each customer
Time concept: daily work is completed day by day, and daily clearing and daily height
Service objective: customers' demand for us in Shenzhen has strengthened our service to customers
Service method: the enterprise management mechanism, marketing strategy, service concept, staff quality and other aspects shall be improved and forged. The popularity and reputation of an enterprise's brand are more often reflected in the whole process of production, operation and service, including every minute link in the enterprise industry and employee industry

Management Philosophy
People oriented concept: create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society< br /> Efficiency concept: day to day, day to day, day to clear, day to high
Competition concept: fair competition and fair operation
Cost concept: standardize the operation of enterprises and strengthen their competitive position


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