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The fishery photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic power station uses the vast area of the fish pond to install solar panels on it to generate electricity. The photovoltaic modules are arranged vertically above the water surface, the lower layer is used for aquaculture, and the upper layer is used for photovoltaic power generation. It has the characteristics of dual use, which can greatly improve the economic value of land per unit area. It has achieved win-win results in social, economic and environmental benefits.
System Features
1. Without increasing the input of fishermen, sustainable and stable additional income can be obtained to improve the comprehensive utilization value of fish ponds
2. Modular design and modular equipment matching greatly improve the system reliability and maintenance convenience
3. Relying on the big data cloud service platform, all-round remote monitoring and management by specially assigned personnel ensure the reliable operation of the system
4. Rely on the complete electrical industry chain of the Group to provide one-stop solutions.
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