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Zhejiang Bowei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of solar cell modules and supporting products. The company is committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of crystalline silicon solar cells, modules and photovoltaic systems. We mainly produce single crystal and polycrystalline products, and our products have obtained TUV, CE, UL and other international certifications are now widely used in large power plants, commercial buildings, government projects, civil residential and small commercial markets. The company's photovoltaic power station project. To provide customers with high-quality one-stop solutions for industrial, commercial and household distributed photovoltaic power generation systems (photovoltaic building integration, photovoltaic ground stations, distributed photovoltaic power stations)
1. Photovoltaic power generation project coordination owner unit filing
2. Pre project investigation and preparation of feasibility plan
3. Design the power station infrastructure, organization and layout, cable laying, primary (secondary) wiring and other drawings, and submit them to the power supply bureau for filing
4. The whole process of Antu construction, grid connection commissioning and power distribution cabinet warranty commissioning at the later stage of photovoltaic power station construction
5. Maintenance, daily overhaul and component cleaning during the operation of the power station to ensure the normal operation of the power station

Service Process

Project declaration:
Submit the feasibility study report of the project and the NDRC will file and issue the project filing notice
Pre project survey:
Preliminary survey of the project site was carried out, and the power supply bureau filed the project and issued grid connection comments
Project drawing:
The component layout, electrical and distribution cabinet primary and secondary wiring diagram of the design project, and the drawings reviewed by the power supply bureau are qualified
The project shall be started and constructed according to the drawings, and the commissioning report of the power station shall be issued after construction
Grid connection acceptance:
The power supply bureau conducts grid connection acceptance of the power station and installs two-phase meters
The power station is officially put into operation, and routine maintenance, overhaul and cleaning of components are carried out to ensure the normal operation of the power station
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