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Distributed photovoltaic power generation is a new type of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization mode with broad development prospects. It advocates the principle of "generating power nearby and using it nearby", which effectively solves the problem of power loss in voltage rise and long-distance transmission. The application of distributed PV in cities has created a new energy utilization mode of "power plants on the upper side and factories on the lower side". The convenience of distributed PV has made it clear that it is the main direction of PV application in China to realize the value-added use of land again.
System Features
1. It is widely used in industrial and commercial building roofs, public building roofs, such as steel structure roofs, frame roofs, T-plate roofs and other roofs
2. The generated power is connected to the power grid nearby, and the operation mode is spontaneous self use margin. The power generation efficiency is high, and the power consumption is small
3. Extend the service life of the roof, improve the thermal insulation of the roof, reduce indoor energy consumption, enjoy preferential electricity prices, and alleviate power rationing in summer
4. Relying on the big data cloud service platform, all-round remote monitoring and management by specially assigned personnel ensure the reliable operation of the system
5. Rely on the complete electrical industry chain of the Group to provide one-stop solutions.
System Diagram
Cooperation Mode
Self owned factory cooperation
The roof owner will provide the roof with zero investment and enjoy the preferential electricity price of green environmental protection
Chint is responsible for project investment, EPC construction, implementation of subsidies and grid connection.
EPC Services
The roof owner invests in the power station, holds the power station property right, and enjoys the power station income and related subsidies
Chint is responsible for the general contracting construction of the project, implementation of subsidies and grid connection.
Corporate Interests
Preferential income of enterprise electricity charge + Reduce enterprise energy consumption + Improve the corporate image and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction + Ease power rationing in summer and improve the orderly power consumption level of enterprises + Extend the service life of the roof
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